Our Process



  • Tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • How did you learn about us?

  • Tell me about your relationship with your previous provider? What was working? What wasn’t?

  • With respect to your assets, what are you trying to accomplish? (Goals, objectives, shortterm, long-term)



  • Tell me about your experience with investment markets?

  • What does “risk” mean to you?

  • What would “success” look like?

  • Tell me what you understand about diversification?

  • Tell me what you understand about liquidity?



  • Our starting point for portfolio construction is always a broadlydiversified investment portfolio that includes multiple asset classes, multiple economies.

  • We generally use exchange traded funds because they are inexpensive ways to gain exposure to these areas and are fully liquid.

  • These portfolios will be tactically managed and rebalanced regularly to ensure they remain

  • As client needs dictate, we can incorporate new ideas (ownership of individual stocks, options, hedging, alternative investments, ESG) to the core portfolio models.



  • We ensure that assets are allocated appropriate to various account types to maximize tax efficiency

  • Based on client needs, we may establish more than one portfolio to meet specific goals. For example, a single portfolio to fund current lifestyle and another for estate purposes as they will have different goals and objectives



  • We do not use any proprietary “Raymond James” investment products in our portfolio construction process

  • Our portfolio managers meet regularly to determine what changes, if any, are required to ensure the portfolio remains properly invested for each client



  • All clients receive a written Investment Policy Statement that clearly outlines the recommended investment strategy.

  • Client reports are available monthly, including online

  • Regular conference calls with third party investment managers to help educate clients on financial matters

The UnProcess

As organisations grow, they look for ways to streamline operations to make them more efficient and profitable. Unfortunately, often this quest does not respect the fact that families and foundations are represented by individuals who may not fit neatly into boxes created by programmers. If you've ever felt like you've been treated like a number or are being herded into a specific direction by your investment provider, this might be why.


We believe there is a better approach that can only start by treating each client relationship as unique, and defining a process that meets their needs, not those of a system engineer.


Our approach is defined by our core values:


The Power of Independence

We provide access to virtually any investment solution or asset class free of conflict. We even structure investment solutions to meet specialty mandates that range from Sustainable and Responsible Investing to alternative asset classes and hedging strategies. We do not offer or sell proprietary investment solutions.

Freedom to Act in Clients' Best Interests

Independence means that the Lexicon Financial Group is unencumbered by in-house products. We have the freedom to choose the most appropriate investment solutions for you and your organisation and will always act in your best interest.

We Value Relationships

Lexicon Financial Group believes that the more we know about your specific situation, the better position we are in to assist. That's because foundations and families are more than just an investment portfolio. They have unique challenges that can only be solved if we understand how those challenges fit in with their investment portfolio.