For Families

  1. Financial Planning
    Investment strategy emerges from a financial plan. If you don't know where you are going, how do you intend to get there? Plans range from simple to complex, but are always rooted in what you want to accomplish.

  2. Investment Management
    Once a portfolio strategy is determined, a written proposal is provided to each client. Then, it is reviewed and rebalanced regularly to ensure it continues to meet objectives.

  3. Tax and estate planning
    Some families are dealing with situations that require more comprehensive tax or estate planning . We can work with our extended team at Raymond James or your independent advisor to ensure that the right strategies are in place.

  4. Insurance planning
    It's always prudent to think about the role life or critical illness insurance might plan in a financial plan. After all, not all problems can be solved by a simple investment strategy.

  5. Business Planning
    Business owners can often benefit from enhanced planning around how they structure their assets and investments. We'll work with existing accountants and lawyers to implement prudent structures for wealth creation and preservation.

  6. Philanthropic Planning
    You have a financial plan, but do you have a giving plan? For those with charitable intent, we can demonstrate ways to maximize philanthropic impact.

For Foundations and Non-Profits

  1. Investment Policy Consulting
    Every client must have a written investment policy statement that clearly outlines their goals while defining exactly how the underlying assets will be managed. If such a policy does not exist, we will work together to create one.

  2. Asset allocation consulting
    As needed, we can provide insight and counsel into appropriate asset allocation strategies for non-profits and foundations.

  3. Investment Management
    Once a suitable strategy has been determined, we will manage the assets according to the policy, regularly reviewing and rebalancing to ensure it continues to meet their needs.

  4. Board Education
    In addition to regularly meeting with Boards of Directors, we happily assist boards by providing training and education to members who are not yet fully comfortable evaluating investment portfolios.

  5. Mission Alignment
    We work with purpose-driven organisations to align their investment portfolios to their organisational goals. This is much more than socially-responsible investing: it's a way to help invest in those causes that are important to the client's mission.